Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY Fabric Bunting!

Who doesn't love bunting?

Well, probably someone- but not me! I had made a hexagon quilt full of bright colours and prints to cover my sewing table, and had a whole pile of triangles and small scrap pieces left. I've been on a quest to brighten up my craft room, and I figured that some scrap bunting would do just so well. Bonus, it was easy to make!

So I gathered my pile, and but everything up into little triangles- with a rotary cutter first, and then again with my pinking shears. It was a little time consuming, but I've recently fallen in love with Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and I'll take any excuse to keep watching longer!

After I had them all cut and ready to go, all that was left was to iron the top side of the bunting.

And then just snip off those sides so they'd stay tucked behind where they belong!

Stitch down the fold, and-

Viola! Super awesome and charming DIY bunting! 

Bonus of taking larger scraps and hooping them in wooden embroidery hoops!


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